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At Wealth Journey we understand that everyone is different and therefore their financial circumstances will vary. But, we believe that no matter what your current financial position is there is some benefit in seeking financial advice.

Unfortunately, many people plan for retirement when they get to retirement leaving them with little or no time to make up the shortfall in their savings. This can leave them with no choice other than to downsize the much-loved family home or living a less desirable lifestyle.

You may be thinking that paying off your home mortgage is the most important strategy for now and after that you will concentrate on investing. But it may be too late.

We can help assess your current situation and put together strategies that can get you started on investing outside your family home while paying off your home mortgage sooner.

Taxation and the financial services legislation can be complex and is constantly changing, so trying to keep up with all this can be a full time job. However, our skilled financial planners can take the guess work out of planning and put together strategies that will maximise your return on investment, increase your after tax returns and for those clients that want to leave a legacy for their children we can show you how to do this in the most equitable way.

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