The Wealth Journey® approach is tailored to each clients' financial journey

Our approach to financial planning is professional and tailored, as we know that each clients’ needs, goals, objectives and financial circumstances vary.

Our advisers are experts and can formulate, implement and monitor advice as either a holistic advice, related to your goals or a strategic event driven advice.

Holistic Advice

Where your lifestyle or business goals are involved, this would usually mean that all aspects of strategies are involved such as budgeting, cashflow management, debt management, superannuation including SMSF, investments, retirement planning, tax minimisation strategies, risk management and Estate Planning.

Event Driven Advice

Where there is a specific event that changes, or is set to change your lifestyle or finances, we can provide targeted advice to help you navigate through the change in your journey.

Some events may include:

  • Starting a family
  • Taking on debt or your first property
  • Adding to your property or investment portfolio
  • Retirement
  • Changing employment
  • Planning for business growth or restructures
  • Succession planning for your business
  • Changing marital circumstances
  • Gaining an inheritance or planning to provide an inheritance.

External Services

At Wealth Journey we focus on providing service by working closely with your accountant, solicitor and mortgage broker so that together we ensure we are all working towards the same goals and objectives guiding you to your financial prosperity.


Factors in pin-pointing Wealth Journey as being our preferred choice were that they are an independent service provider with full flexibility to purchase any product on the market. They were able to document a long term financial strategy for us to suit our personal goals. Their fees were outlined up front, and actually at the lower end when you looked at all the possible ongoing costs (so don’t be lured in by free up-front appraisals!). But most importantly our Financial Planner Mark Morcos was one of the most personable and professional planners we met. - Melanie Hoole