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My husband and I are sticklers for detail so we researched several Financial Planning companies, and met with the best three in person, before we choose Wealth Journey.

Factors in pin pointing Wealth Journey as being our preferred choice were that they are an independent service provider with full flexibility to purchase any product on the market. They were able to document a long term financial strategy for us to suit our personal goals. Their fees were outlined up front, and actually at the lower end when you looked at all the possible ongoing costs (so don't be lured in by free up-front appraisals!). But most importantly our Financial Planner Mark Morcos was one of the most personable and professional planners we met.

Before we started working with Mark we thought we were pretty clued up on financial matters but we are pleased to say that we have learnt a huge amount of invaluable information (which you just can't google!). Plus we have found Mark to have a genuine willingness to help us achieve our goals. He keeps in touch with us each step of the way and in our view provides a high level of ongoing support. We truly feel that we made the right decision to partner with Mark and are excited to finally be heading off on our own wealth journey.

Melanie Hoole

A big thank you for all your hard work over the last 5 years.

I was always very sceptical about introducing and in particular recommending a financial planner to my clients, the risk was obvious. I am glad to say our decision to work together with mutual clients has been a huge success.

Your professional approach and brilliant advice has meant that not only are our clients on the way to fulfilling their financial goals, more importantly they are now in control and confident of their current positions.

Your communication is outstanding and we all certainly appreciate the level of interest you take with every recommendation. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship as you add so much value to my clients and allow them the opportunity to invest outside of our area.

Separately it has also positioned me very well with my clients with great word of mouth marketing through your success. I will certainly be recommending you and your company to anyone looking to improve their financial position.

Nathan Thomas, Property Specialist Griffith Real Estate

I referred Mark to one of my closest friends and his new wife, as they were seeking advice with the impending arrival of their first child. Unbeknown to the both of us, was that his wife had already received another glowing referral from a different source for a certain Mr Mark Morcos.

Mark's ability to offer genuine sound financial advice from a sincere and understanding viewpoint, creates this ripple effect that clearly benefits his existing and prospective new clients.

Scott Conchar

Mark is a breath of fresh air in the financial planning space. I regularly refer my clients to Mark for independent and sound financial advice. Mark has proven himself to be a reliable and trustworthy adviser in this field and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to individuals as well as other professionals in the finance industry.

Darren Murphy

We have found your services to us as our financial adviser to be of the highest professional level. Your level of integrity and respect towards us as clients is outstanding. This is of great value and therefore we treat your advice accordingly...

Professor Gordon MacAulay, Economics & Agricultural

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