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Our Process

Our advisers are a financial guide helping our client's on a journey to financial success.

Step 01
Ist Appointment

1st Appointment

Completing a financial heath check and identifying goals and objectives. Financial planning starts with completing a financial healthcheck and identifying your goals and objectives. Not having goals and objectives is like setting off on a Journey not knowing where you are going, but hoping you end up at the right place.

Step 02


Educating you on financial markets and historical performance of different asset classes as well as expected future performance based on the most up to date research.

Our aim is to help you feel informed and up to date on all the latest research and legislative changes so that you feel empowered with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Step 03
Financial Strategy


Mapping out the strategy of what we need to do to get you to your goals and objectives. Once we have a clear understanding of where you want to go and your current financial position, our highly qualified financial planners will present you with a detailed statement of advice (SOA) with calculations, projections and strategy recommendations to set you on your journey to financial freedom.

Step 04


Taking the steps to implementing the strategy.

Implementation is about putting your strategies to work. This is where the advice becomes reality. Depending on the strategies adopted, implementation may draw upon the expertise of your preferred accountant, solicitor or mortgage broker.

Step 05
Ongoing Financial Review


Reviewing your strategy and altering where need be, in line with expected outcomes and your goals and objectives.

At Wealth Journey we believe financial planning is an ongoing process. We continue to meet with our clients regularly to ensure their strategies continue to work towards fulfilling their goals and objectives.

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